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I'm a Systems Administrator and live in Kentucky with my wife of 30 years, Margaret. We've recently relocated from northern Maryland where we both spent most of our lives. Unfortunately, the east coast has just become too crowded, expensive and Yuppified. So we packed up the dogs, horses, shop and remaining kid, moving to a rural area 20 minutes outside of Frankfort. It reminds me very much of where we came from 40 years ago.

I have a woodworking/metal shop where I make things out of horseshoes and turn bowls out of interesting wood, generally green. I've expanded our genealogical chart. It now goes back 8 generations for most branches, 13 in one case.

We have three Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) dogs and an English Pointer, plus the damn goats. We breed, show and race the JRT's occasionally. A while back, Margaret coordinated the Terrier Trials at the Elkridge-Harford Hunt Club. We've raised bullfrogs from tadpoles, kept various fish, snakes, rodents, rabbits, ducks & always had horses, from wild ponies, to foals & retired race horses.

This is also the home of WYSIWYG Wood, which you'll find under the Woodworking link. It's a hobby for me, right now, although may grow in the future. If you like woodworking; bowl turning, wood burning (pyrography) finishing, tree identification & more, please check it out. I'm always interested in chatting with another woodworker. I also do some metal working & various other fiddling.

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Warning! The links below will take some time to load as they lead to large files showing multiple pictures of our farm as it was & as it is now.

Farm Before-After 2007

Farm Before-After 2008