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Ash Bowls, Natural Edged
(061019BPine 1 & 2)

Both of these bowls come from a large Ash limb that came down in hurricane Isabelle a few years back. I stored the limb outside, off the ground and under a tarp for the past year. I was amazed that the bark stuck so well. They are finished with 3 coats of oil based polyurethane.

Apple Bowl

My next door neighbor had a wonderful green apple tree (no, I don't know the variety) but after numerous stings to the entire family, his wife told him to cut it down. Most of the wood is too full of knots & crevices to make any large turnings. I finished it with wax. This is a decorative bowl only - don't use it for unprotected food.

Beech Bowl

This old Beech was located in the front yard of a house on the Jarrettsville Pike south west of the intersection with Merryman's Mill Road. Twisted & old, a huge piece came down in a storm & the rest was threatening the house. I got a little of it before most went to the trash pile. It was too hard for even the hydraulic splitter to turn into firewood.

Bull Pine Bowls
(061019BPine 1 & 2)

The victim of a landscaper trimming up in Norrisville, MD, a small piece of this wood came my way. I let it age in a plastic bread bag for several months which gave it the blue streaks. Finished with several coats of oil based polyurethane.

Cedar Bowls

A few smaller bowls, between 5 1/2 & 6 inches from the same tree described below. They are finished with oil based polyurethane.

Eastern Red Cedar Bowl

One of the bigger Cedar trees I have ever seen was taken down in a tiny backyard in Baltimore City off Harford Road in the Parkville area. The expert who felled the tree took it down diagonally across the yard without breaking a thing in the summer of 2005. A friend called me to cart some of it away soon after it was cut. The shop has never smelled so good! Cedar is toxic, which is why it keeps the pests away from clothes. This bowl is finished with one coat of clear shellac followed by one of gloss, oil-based polyurethane. It is for decorative purposes & should not be used for unprotected food.

Eastern Red Cedar Bowl

From the same tree described above. This piece has a copper wire that was grown into the tree. You can see it poking out in the inside of the bottom & in opposite sides on the bottom. The wood around it wasn't solid, so is patched with a clear epoxy. It was then finished with one coat of clear shellac followed by several of gloss, oil-based polyurethane. It is for decorative purposes & should not be used for unprotected food.

Dogwood Bowl

A friend of mine at work had this Dogwood tree in her front yard for many years. Her kids grew up climbing it and it was used as a sign post to her house in the spring. Unfortunately, it grew a bit too big and had to be taken down to clear the driveway and sidewalk. She brought the pieces to me. I made over a dozen items for her to give away for Christmas as reminders. Mostly snowmen, but a few similar bowls. Finished with wax, a mixture of orange oil and wax.

Holly Bowl

This American Holly & another were over 18" in diameter - huge for the species in this area & very hard to come by. They were leaning in to Corbett Rd, near the intersection of Irish Ave (by Grandma Pearce's barn) in Monkton, MD & had to be taken down. I was called when they were in firewood sized chunks & filled up my pickup. I gave most of the wood away to other local woodworkers, not wanting any of this treasure to go to waste.

Japanese Zelkova Bowl

The American Elm was hit hard by the Dutch Elm disease. Many different types of trees were used to try to replace the old standard and they've been a great source of wood for me. The Smythe's of Monkton, MD have one lane that was replanted about 50 years ago. Luckily, they had a real arborist come out to help with some other tree problems because I never would have identified these on my own. A storm took out one of the many trees that line their lane and I was lucky enough to get some. The wood is beautiful and has a silky sheen that is amazing. This natural edged, 6 inch bowl is finished with several coats of oil based polyurethane.

Other items such as lazy susans, rolling pins, card holders, carved boxes, candle sticks, woodburnings and such are also available at various times. Email me for availability. I don't generally do custom work, but I often have items around & don't get them on the site. Sometimes a request is a good break, too.

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