Family Pictures 2

Here are some more pictures of the family.

In 1965, I was 6 and had my own Shetland pony, Lightning. In the pictures with me are my mother, father, his mother and my Doberman Pincer, Ulysses.

Erin is on Loki, sort of riding at less than a year old in the left picture. Margaret, Erin, Anna (her aunt) & James are pictured. She was winning a few ribbons before she was 4 years old.

Erin started off in Leadline classes with Marg leading her around the ring on Spice and later graduated to fun classes at shows. Here she is 5 or 6, dressed up as an indian with her pony Sam dressed as a cowboy.

Erin loved her Shetland pony Spice. Here she is at her first games rally when she was 5 years old. On the left are all 3 kids; Brandon, James, Erin and my cousin Claudia. They are holding my Father's Day present that they bought at the Howard County Fair in 1996. It is a cane made out of a dried bull's penis. It was my mother's idea.

Spice was a great pony for the kids. They could do almost anything with her. It's hard to believe she was wild until we caught her at the age of 4. In the winter of 1996, the kids hooked her up to a toboggan. The dog is Munchkin, our first Jack Russell Terrier. Today, Feb09, he's still with us and will be 18 in July.

We usually had a litter of pups every year. Erin is 8 here, playing with that batch and riding Sam in the Pony Club Show Jumping Rally.

Christmas of 1999 got some decent pictures of all of us. From left to right; Margaret, Erin, Mom, Me (Jim holding Harley), Brandon holding Munchkins in reindeer antlers and James holding Gypsy.

Here are the girls out hunting in October 2004; Marg on Blue, Erin on her horse Topaz and my mother, Eilene, on some gray. On the left, James is knocking around at a show at Tranquility Manor in 2005 on Marg's horse Blue.

My wife loves her horse Blue and her dogs. In this picture, she has ALL the dogs, including the two that belong to James and his wife Chris. This is a fairly typical sight.

Here's a picture of me in 2007. Erin with Molly dressed up and ready to graduate in June 2008. She's in our front yard in Kentucky.

Here's pictures of Erin and Brandon on our trip back to Maryland in June 2008

Family Pictures

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