Ice Pictures

On 27Jan09, we had an ice storm mixed with snow. There were 3 layers of snow and 2 of ice. The ice got so thick that we lost power and phones for 6 days. Still, it was pretty out, so long as we could stay warm inside.

Margaret, Molly (large dog) and Pixie (puppy) prepare to go out to the barn. On the right is a thin weed covered in ice.

Erin is wearing my shop coat, looking lovely after 3 days in a 40 degree house and biting at Cutter's nose. Her friend (right) is petting Erin's horse, Topaz.

Lots of branches came down due to the heavy ice. Here is one of the largest ones that fell on the fence.

Family Pictures

Family Pictures 2

KY Farm Before-After pics

Horses Playing 27Jan09

Ice Storm 27Jan09

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