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Each item is on a regular CD to give you a better idea of the size. More pictures are available by request.

Boot Jacks

I found some old rasps in a pile of old horseshoes behind Wayne Anderson's blacksmith shop. His junk pile is a treasure trove - as is Wayne. He suggested I try making some boot jacks & here is the result. They are hand forged & welded together. A perfect way to get off those tall riding boots when you don't have any help.

Rolling Pin

The roller is made out of Sycamore from the Smythe's farm, a huge tree they had to take down. Their lane is lined with Japanese Zelkova trees, which were planted about 50 years ago to take the place of the elms that were killed by the Dutch Elm disease. One of the trees came down in a winter storm about a year ago. I made the handles & pins out of this strong, tough wood. It is finished with mineral oil and is perfectly acceptable for rolling out any kind of dough you'd like besides being extremely decorative.

CD Tops

I must get a dozen CD's a week in my job as a Network Administrator & at home. I don't know what to do with them all. I also have a lot of pieces of wood that are too small to use for much. I put together the best of both occasionally. The species of the spindles & the actual CD's vary quite a bit. AOL CD's are among the most colorful, but I have some Microsoft Demo CD's & others from cereal boxes that are neat too. Ask for the latest.

Paulownia Platter

Known as the Princess Tree & supposedly a real cash crop, the Royal Paulownia has been planted in many places around the countryside. The wood is extremely light & much stronger than I would expect. I haven't been lucky enough to get any green yet. It is very difficult to turn when dry because of tear out. Finished with clear shellac.

Japanese Zelkova & Maple

The American Elm was hit hard by the Dutch Elm disease. Many varieties of trees were found to replace the shade tree that once lined our streets & lanes. At the Smythe Farm, in Monkton, MD, they were replaced by the Japanese Zelkova. Strong & hardy, they still are subject to storm damage, which took this tree out in Jan06. Set on a Silver Maple base & finished with clear epoxy.

Sycamore Spoons

Another gift from the huge Sycamore of the Smythe's, these spoons are made from pieces that were too small to turn into bowls. Hand carved, each is unique and finished with several coats of food grade Walnut Oil. They should be cleaned in warm, soapy water with a light coating of mineral oil after washing or once a month. Many people use walnut oil in their salads, but some people are allergic to walnuts, so be careful who you serve food to with them.

Laurel Goblet

The wild Laurel in this area rarely gets big enough to make anything out of. This goblet is made from one of the larger limbs I've ever seen out in the woods. Turned green, quickly dried in the microwave & finished with water based polyurethane.

Apple Platter

My next door neighbor had a wonderful green apple tree (no, I don't know the variety) but after numerous stings to the entire family, his wife told him to cut it down. Most of the wood is too full of knots & crevices to make any large turnings out of, but I did manage to get this one done. It is not perfectly flat, but comes up on the lighter edge for an interesting profile. It does sit flat. I finished it with 4 very thin coats of gloss, oil-based polyurethane. This is a decorative only - don't use it for unprotected food.

Japanese Zelkova Vase

The American Elm was hit hard by the Dutch Elm disease. Many different types of trees were used to try to replace the old standard and they've been a great source of wood for me. The Smythe's of Monkton, MD have one lane that was replanted about 50 years ago. Luckily, they had a real arborist come out to help with some other tree problems because I never would have identified these on my own. A storm took out one of the many trees that line their lane and I was lucky enough to get some. The wood is beautiful and has a silky sheen that is amazing. This natural edged vase is finished with several coats of oil based polyurethane and should not be used to hold water.

Snowmen, some spin!

I make snowmen out of many different kinds of wood. Generally, I make them in one piece, including the hat & paint it, but sometimes I make them out of contrasting woods; Holly snowmen with Walnut hats or even Walnut snowmen with Holly hats. Other times I make them out of both woods with two faces. I've used many kinds of light colored woods; Ailanthus, Maple, Basswood, Sycamore & Dogwood. All have noses made from Osage Orange. Ask for what is currently available.

Business Card Holders with Sign Posts

Made from local Cherry, the sign post also comes with a business card holder made from a turning of Maple with a Cherry base. It is meant to be glued down after you have made your sign and possibly put a small figure on the base as well. Holds about 30 business cards easily.

Other items such as lazy susans, rolling pins, card holders, carved boxes, candle sticks, woodburnings and such are also available at various times. Email me for availability. I don't generally do custom work, but I often have items around & don't get them on the site. Sometimes a request is a good break, too.


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