Other Projects

I seem to mostly turn bowls lately, but I do other fiddling as well.

None of these are for sale, all have homes already.

The mailbox stand is made of old horseshoes welded together. I was given the mailbox, but have since redone the head to a better size.


This is a 'Hunt Card Holder' for hanging the schedule cards for our local hunt on. It's about 10" tall. I usually find a ceramic fox & glue it on. Variations on this have been made for business cards & such, too.



A pile of lazy susans, 3 Cherry, one Red Oak & one is pine. All have just a coat of polyurethane except the top one on the left, which is unfinished Cherry.



A gun rack I made for my youngest son, Brandon.


I use a lot of old tools & to that end I made my own Shaving Horse. This is an old kind of vise & can't be beat when using a draw knife to smooth down a long piece of wood.


A Froe from my forge & a Dogwood Glut make splitting wood into boards easier.

I belong to the International Wood Collectors Society & made up these cases to hold my samples. I collect North Eastern US Hardwoods.


Fun with a scrap of plywood. It measures about 2 feet square.

This box is ALL wood. The box is dovetailed Pine while all the 'hardware' including the hinges, are made of Walnut with homemade Ash dowels.


The skunk is cut into the wood & then burned in as well. I like 1/2" Poplar for this. The frame is Red Oak turned on the lathe.








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