Family Pictures

Spooky Moon

A spooky moon shot from 13Nov08, a Thursday.

Pixie, a Jack Russell Terrier Pup

Pixie jumping

Pixie is our new Jack Russell Terrier. She's full of energy and needs a lot of attention. Like kids, if they don't get it, they'll do something until they do. You really don't want that to happen!


Erin & Gypsy sleeping together. They still do, although the dogs tend to wander from bed to bed at night and wind up with my wife and I, often with the cat snuggled in somewhere.

My Family Out Fox Hunting

Out Fox Hunting (Chasing)

From the left; my mother, Eilene, my wife, Margaret, the kids; Brandon, Erin, me & James. (Yes, both my mother & wife agree that my wife has 4 children...sigh...)

James on the cover of Young Equestrian magazine

James on the cover of Young Equestrian magazine, riding Briar Rose. He has since graduated to horses as he is too tall, even for a large pony like Briar.

Molly, Amber and Harley

Three of our dogs; Molly (the large, Australian Shepard mix), Amber (the Jack Russell laying on top of Molly) and Harley (short for Harlequin). Molly and Amber are the same age, born within days of each other and raised together from 8 weeks old. Harley had a perfect black mask over half her face as a pup, but it has changed color over the years. She's now about 8 years old. The 'Old Man' is Munchkin (not pictured). He's still happy, but deaf, partially blind and senile. He's 16 years old, but still enjoys life.

Our dogs have it rough. They're allowed on any furniture and sleep in bed, under the covers, if they want. Our house is never very clean - don't wear black as it instantly attracts white dog hair - but it's comfortable."


James and Scrat Bike Riding

James and his dog, Scrat, on their way to work.

Family Pictures

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